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Shawn is For Team Georgia

Shawn believes that more important than being on Team Red or Team Blue is being on Team Georgia — squarely on the side of hard-working Georgians trying to build a good life. That means listening to our neighbors, standing with our fellow Georgians, tackling the practical problems facing our communities, and making sure we are getting value back from the tax money we send to Washington.

Shawn’s vision for a stronger northwest Georgia includes:

Access to Quality Healthcare - Including Specialists
  • Affordable preventive care and medications are foundational for healthy families and communities
  • Recruit specialists closer than Atlanta or Chattanooga to handle emergencies and avoid the added travel costs and time away from work and family
  • Mothers with high-risk pregnancies are in extra danger due to a lack of nearby OB-GYN’s
  • Support mental health and substance abuse services to help families in rural communities
  • When it comes to abortion, I support restoring the protections and restrictions we had under Roe v Wade. Politicians need to respect Americans’ freedom to make our own decisions about our own families.
  • I fully support the use of medical marijuana.  I know a lot of veterans who use it successfully for pain management. I also support removing it from the controlled substances list at the federal level and will work with state leadership to better define its use and dispensary access in GA.
Infrastructure Investment For Good-Paying Jobs
  • North Georgia has plenty of hard-working men and women – what we need is better job opportunities, closer to home, which means we need our leaders to work to bring more federal and private-sector investment here
  • We must stand up for working people and protect people’s rights in the workplace
  • Develop all our secondary roads to be paved and safe
Agriculture, the Farm Bill and Natural Resources
  • Pass the Farm Bill and fully fund it
  • Protect  children and households in need by making sure full SNAP benefits are available.
  • Expand  water infrastructure to accommodate both farmers and factories.
  • Ensure all farmers have access to emerging production technologies.
Expanded Broadband Access
  • Provide  reliable broadband access to keep our rural communities from falling behind
  • Broadband access is not just for commerce or education, it opens up remote work opportunities and keeps talented people from moving out of the countryside in search of opportunity
Wraparound Services for Our Veterans
  • No veteran should have to drive to Atlanta or Chattanooga for care from a specialist
  • There is an ongoing mental health crisis in our veteran community, and we need reliable, accessible care to address the pain many of our combat veterans aren’t able to leave behind
  • Provide  training programs focused on the skills military men and women learned while serving our country
Support for Law Enforcement and Public Safety
  • Support full funding for law enforcement to provide appropriate staffing to reduce response times, bolster clearance rates and handle dangerous situations safely
  • We need to respect and provide for our law enforcement, first responder and corrections personnel, who do dangerous jobs for the benefit of all. That includes fully funding training, including de-escalation training for front-line police and corrections personnel, as well as tools to work with community members with mental health issues
  • We must fully support the rights of law-abiding citizens to own guns to hunt and protect themselves, and also support our law enforcement with common-sense safety measures like background checks and red-flag laws
Lowering Household Costs
  • Expand price negotiations with pharma companies for Medicare, Medicaid and exchange health plans.
  • Support anti-price-gouging legislation to keep profitable companies for arbitrarily raising prices on captive customers.
  • Fund more affordable broadband access to open up remote work, educational and cultural opportunities and keep our rural communities from falling behind.
Protecting Our Homeland
  • Congress should do its job and fix our broken immigration laws to make sure our border is fully protected and we have a workable legal immigration system that serves the needs of American farmers, workers and businesses.
  • Congress should expand asylum processing and tighten standards to stop the catch-and-release process that allows migrants into our country with no oversight or vetting.
  • We must increase screening capacity at our ports and make emergency narcan available to prevent fentanyl and other opioids from killing Americans.
  • We must strategically manage our relationship with foreign competitors like China to secure our intellectual and other property and avoid economic dependence.
Leading A Stable, Peaceful World
  • America must use all the tools we have to prevent and manage threats from overseas like China and Russia, including diplomacy, foreign civilian and military aid, cyber actions, and direct force projection.
  • America should work to expand the Abraham Accords and bring in more partner countries to expand prosperity and set the stage for peace in the Middle East.
  • When dictators invade neighboring countries, we should support those who resist them, to defend free people, to curb the power of threatening actors, to discourage other would-be invaders from following suit, and to protect American lives.

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We're building a coalition from across the country, united in our goal to unseat Marjorie Taylor Greene and build a better Georgia for everyone.
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